The Austin, TX workshop to take your wedding photography business to the next level

Why we do this

I’m a firm believer in photographing solely for the couple and never let selfishness get in the way. We will be going over how to engage in story telling with your photography, rather than chasing after the perfect Instagram post, hipster aesthetic, or “like-ability” factor. I want your couples to cry once they see how you captured their day.

Lets not forget the business side

I will make sure that you leave with enough knowledge to double, if not triple, your earnings in the future. I went from photographing as a hobby to earning six figures in two years and I love sharing my knowledge with others. That being said, this isn’t a keys to success course; rather, I will supply you with the tools that made me successful and hopefully the shoot/instructional will inspire you to implement them!

Ok so what will it cost?

$450 reserves your seat!

Remember that I am only opening each workshop to 6 attendees. I like to keep a smaller classroom so I can focus on all of you guys individually, as well as a whole.

Upcoming Workshop Dates+Locations

September 24th

The Contemporary Austin - Jones Center

October 25th

The Addison Grove

November 28th

Pearl Snap Hall

February 27th - 2019

Lucky Arrow Retreat

Attendee Testimonials
Nicole from Map and Compass Photography
Nikk was an open book about all the topics he covered in his workshop, from business processes to shooting techniques! Nikk did a great job of walking everyone through the shooting part of the workshop, teaching his perspective, while also allowing time for each person to experiment! He created a welcoming environment where everyone attending could easily connect, which is a rarity with photography workshops! I would recommend attending one of his workshops, no matter the stage of your business!
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Attendee Testimonials
Sarah from Sarah E Photo
Nikk’s workshop left a lasting impression on my business. He was open and honest about every aspect of the business from shooting styles, lighting tips, marketing, SEO and website development. He did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and involved which doesn’t always happen at workshops (in my experience). Keeping the workshop small helped everyone to shoot and learn at their pace and style. The welcoming environment made it easy to network with the other attendees, which is so important in opening doors in the photography industry. If you get the opportunity, don’t miss out on Nikk’s workshop, every time I shoot I think of a tip Nikk gave while shooting, it’ll stick with you too.
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