A bride and groom sit on the bed in their hotel room in Austin, TX and groom feeds the bride a piece of cake as they smile. Image overlaid by text that reads Wedding Postponed? 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Date, photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Wedding postponed? You’re not alone! COVID-19 has turned many of our plans for 2020 upside down, especially when it comes to wedding plans and needing to postpone them.

The decision to postpone your wedding is a hard one and can feel particularly bittersweet as your original wedding date approaches.

It begs the question: what should my fiancé and I do, if anything, to celebrate our original wedding date?

If you’re still wanting to celebrate your original wedding date somehow, here are our favorite ten favorite ways to do so!

Wedding postponed? Here are 10 ways to celebrate your original date…

#1 - Write each other love letters

Our first idea to celebrate a wedding postponed is similar to reciting your wedding vows. Since you probably want to save your actual vows for your big day, try this instead: write each other love letters and then take turns reading them out loud to each other. This will be a sweet, intimate memory you and your fiancé will always cherish, while also giving you a hint of the romance to come on your wedding day.

#2 - Celebrate your loved ones

Wedding postponed? It’s natural to still want to celebrate your original date with your loved ones on this date. However, due to coronavirus restrictions in your area, you may not be able to gather in person with your close friends and family to celebrate your original wedding date. Thankfully, there are social-distancing-friendly ways to celebrate with them instead.

You could:

  • Have a Zoom party with your closest friends and family (have people give toasts, share funny stories, etc.)
  • Have a virtual game night with your people via the Houseparty app
  • Invite people to stop by for a drive-by celebration or parade in your neighborhood

#3  - Reminisce on your relationship

Have a night where you and your fiancé take some intentional time to reminisce on your relationship. Share favorite memories, look at old photos, reminisce on your first date, and scroll all the way back on Instagram to see some of your first interactions. Remember how it all began, and be proud of how far the both of you have come!

A bride and groom sit at a table outside a small cafe in downtown Austin, Texas and groom throws food into bride's mouth as an example of something fun to do when your wedding is postponed. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

#4 - Have a dance party

Though your wedding may be postponed, you can still have an epic dance party! In fact, this is the perfect time to try out your wedding reception playlist and add more songs to it. Invite your family and friends to join in via FaceTime or Zoom for an extra fun time!

Or, If you’re ready for all the feels, you may even want to play your first dance song.

#5 - Eat a dish from your wedding

A wedding postponed doesn’t mean you have to hold off on everything you had planned for your wedding day. With that in mind, our next celebration idea is all about delicious food. It’s not a celebration without great food, right? Consider ordering a meal from your wedding caterer or other favorite restaurant in town. Or, make one of your favorite dishes that you’re going to serve at your wedding. This will be the perfect way to bring a little bit of your wedding to the day even if the wedding itself has been postponed.

BONUS: What wedding cake flavor did you choose for your special day? Make a “Happy Original Wedding Date” cake that’s the same flavor! 

#6 - Make your signature cocktail

After everything you’ve been through with postponing your wedding, you deserve a drink! There’s nothing like having a yummy, refreshing beverage to celebrate. You can even make the signature cocktail you’re going to serve at your wedding as a little taste of what’s to come (pun intended). Toast each other, all you’ve been through, and all the goodness that is to come!

A photo by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen, of champagne being poured into glasses held by a bride at Enchanted Rock State Park outside of Austin, Texas as an example of how to celebrate your wedding if it is postponed.

#7 - Have a mini photo shoot with your wedding photographer

Another fun way to celebrate your original wedding date is having a mini photo shoot on that day with your wedding photographer. It’s still fairly easy to socially distance yourselves during a photo shoot, and it is a great way to remember this crazy time! If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, the Wildflower Center at Lady Bird Lake is the perfect place for a romantic photo shoot.

So: dress up, head outside, and take some gorgeous photos with the love of your life!

#8 - Plan your honeymoon

After postponing your wedding, spend your original wedding date planning for your honeymoon. Look up restaurants and coffee shops to visit. Read Yelp reviews. Find cool AirBnBs to stay at. Scour Pinterest. Search for fun activities you and your spouse can do, and try to look for things the locals recommend.

This will give you something totally awesome to look forward to, which is helpful on a day that could feel really bittersweet. Plus, you’ll know you’re heading into the honeymoon of your dreams after all the research you did to plan it perfectly.

#9 - Go on an adventure

If your wedding has been postponed, you may feel like you want to disconnect from all wedding-related things on your original date. That’s totally understandable! To take your mind off things, go on an adventure with your fiancé. Do something out of your norm. Go for a hike, go camping, or discover your new favorite picnic spot. 

A bride and groom hike in Enchanted Rock State Park outside of Austin, Texas as an example of what to do when your wedding is postponed. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

For all couples in the Austin, Texas area: Palmetto State Park is a beautiful park less than an hour away from Austin with gorgeous, tropical vibes and lots of swimming spots, too!

Plus, even with coronavirus regulations, many outdoor spots are still open for socially-distanced hangouts. Before you set out on your adventure though, you should still check to see whether your destination is open. 

#10 - Elope

Despite a wedding postponed, you can always celebrate your original wedding date by...getting married. You may not be able to have the wedding you planned, but you could still get married with a simple courthouse ceremony or have an outdoor elopement.

Then, later on when it’s safe to gather with friends and family, you can have a big reception party with everyone! This option really could be the best of both worlds, as you get to experience both an intimate elopement AND an awesome party/reception with all your loved ones!

If you decide to elope on the day of your original wedding date, make sure you have a wedding photographer capture the day for you. Nikk Nguyen Photo an elopement photographer in the Austin, Texas area who would love to photograph your special day!

Wedding postponed = finding other ways to celebrate

Here’s the bottom line: Even with your wedding postponed, there are still great options you can do to celebrate your original date. Choosing to celebrate will help make an emotional day feel so much happier and will give you a glimpse at how completely wonderful your new wedding date will be!

2020 has been a difficult year and postponing your wedding is an incredibly hard thing to have to do. So, take this day to treat yourself and have some fun! You deserve it!

Have more questions about planning an Austin, Texas elopement or postponing your Austin wedding? Let’s connect!

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