A whimsical wedding bouquet by Gypsy Floral and Events, an Austin based floral designer. Image by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.


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Award-Winning Austin Wedding Photographer

As an artist, I’m not sure I believe in perfection.

What makes art good or bad? What’s the difference between a snapshot, and an image worthy of hanging on your wall, or selling at a gallery? What makes a photo perfect?

I take at least one photo every single day — a habit that started years ago when I picked up my first $100 point-and-shoot camera, long before I fell in love with wedding photography and made it my career.

I take pictures as I walk the streets of Austin.

I take pictures of my love stuffing her face.

I take pictures of my dogs dragging their butts across the carpet.

I take pictures of couples and their tiniest moments on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Maybe I know nothing. I don’t have a fancy art degree, I’ve never been in a juried art show, and I’ll probably never have my work in a museum.

But to me, it’s art if it makes you feel something.

Does the photo make you sad, or nostalgic, or excited? Does it make you feel like you know the strangers in it? That’s art. That’s the standard I work toward. And that’s the backbone of every single image I take on your wedding day.

Nikk Nguyen



Lauren Jarvis


Nikk was the first vendor we booked for our wedding day. We fell in love with his style from looking at his gallery of work and how he learned about the couples he works with.
We were blown away by our wedding gallery since he delivered it. Nikk captured the true spirit of our wedding day. We’ve heard from numerous guests saying that Nikk was everywhere during our ceremony and reception, and his photos prove it! Nikk captured some of the most intimate and authentic moments of our wedding day without being intrusive. Our wedding gallery gave us the best timeline of our wedding day where we can relive that night again and again. Every photo shows the love and happiness from that night. We can’t thank Nikk enough for giving us these lasting memories that we will cherish forever.

Who I Am

• In love with the big moments that make your life meaningful. Getting engaged, tying the knot, buying your first house, having a baby… these are the moments that make one whole, and I’m obsessed with ‘em all.

• Proud partner to Carolina, and proud dog dad to Tater, Murph, and Apple.

• The product of an immigrant family. Translation? You’ve never met someone with a stronger work ethic. You’ll never hear me turn away a couple because of their background; I don’t care what you look like, where you come from, or who you love — if you’re good peeps, I wanna work with you. Most importantly, the meals at my family’s gatherings will kick your family cookouts’ ass.😉

• Chill, which really comes in handy on stressful wedding days. Follow my lead and you’ll stay cool as a cucumber.


Who I’m Not

  • A college graduate. Ain’t no shame in admitting that I’m a college drop-out; leaving school ended up being one of the best decisions of my life because it led me to photography.
  • Trendy. My work is bold, yes, but it’s timeless. You should be able to look at these images 30 or 40 years from now and still love every single one. If you’re looking for a photographer who is going to copy your Pinterest board, I’m not your dude.
  • An amateur. Read some of my 200+ reviews and you’ll notice that my professionalism is mentioned in nearly every one. I take my business and your happiness very seriously.


And Who Are You?

Hold up, hold up — let me guess. You’re good people, all about having a good time. You want your wedding day to be a celebration for your whole family. You think wedding planning is low-key stressful and would rather hire pros who are bosses at what they do rather than worrying about micromanaging them. You know who you are and don’t want to hide it — especially on your wedding day. Am I close?

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