Today’s couples don’t always follow wedding traditions. Modern brides and grooms mix and match traditions and trends to create a special day that is meaningful and memorable to them. But one thing that has stood the test of time is the wedding cake. Today I want to help you figure out how to choose a wedding cake designer that's right for you!

From five-tier Princess Diana type cakes to the more humble, but equally as scrumptious, naked cakes, this reception focal point is a must-have for traditionalists and trendsetters alike. 

That means it’s imperative that you find a wedding cake bakery and designer who can build the dessert of your dreams. With so many creative and talented Austin cake designers, it might be overwhelming when you first start looking, which is why I’ve put together this 5 step plan to help you confidently enter the world of wedding cake bakeries. 

How to Choose a Wedding Cake Designer for Your Big Day. Three tiered wedding cake with peach and white flowers for garnish. Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

Steps on How to Choose a Wedding Cake Designer

1. Research

Congratulations! You've started the process of choosing a wedding cake designer that will help you build the cake of your dreams! To start your research, you can collect info by reading wedding cake vendor reviews, attending wedding expos, asking friends and family for recommendations, and visiting your local bakeries. When figuring out how to choose a wedding cake designer, don't skip this step!

2. Ask Questions

In order to find the best match, you’ll want to ask a few initial questions like, “Is my wedding date available?” and “Can you custom make the design I have in mind?” Talking with your potential baker will also help you get to know the person, their personality, and range of abilities. As with most of your wedding vendors, it’s important to create a bond with your cake baker, as you’ll be spending the next few months working with them. If they are excited about your wedding, things will go much more smoothly. 

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How to Choose a Wedding Cake Designer for Your Big Day. Bride cutting a slice of her wedding cake standing beside her groom at the dessert table. Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

3. Consider Your Budget

It’s one thing to want a four-tier cake with spiraling sugar roses and another to fit it into the budget. A good cake designer will consider your budget and the costs associated with the details you want, and a great cake designer will suggest workarounds should those sugared roses stretch your wallet a bit too thin. 

4. Get a Consultation

Michelle of Michelle’s Patisserie recommends getting a consultation, as it is a great way for the baker to better understand your vision. Bring inspiring photos from magazines and websites, samples of your wedding colors, photos of the wedding gown/bridesmaid dresses/groomsmen attire/etc. The info you provide will help build a stronger idea of the kind of cake you’re looking for. 

How to Choose a Wedding Cake Designer for Your Big Day. Three-tiered wedding cake with "Happily Ever After" on top, decorated with pink and white florals. Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

5. Taste Test

You want your cake to be beautiful, but you also want it to taste divine. Ask your baker if the tasting is complimentary or if there is a fee, and how many people can participate. Once you’ve confirmed the details, dive in! Try different icings, as well as cake flavors to find a match made in heaven.

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Now You Know How to Choose a Wedding Cake Designer

Once you’ve crossed these steps off the list, it’s safe to say you’ve found your ideal cake designer! Now you can look forward to taking that first bite as a married couple and sharing the deliciousness with friends and family. Don’t forget to save the top tier (or a slice if it’s one tier) to freeze and eat on your first wedding anniversary.  

Looking for steps for choosing your other wedding vendors? I bet I can help!

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