If engagement shoots were a video game, Lerrin & Patrick would be at level Super-Awesome, lol. This couple really knew how to bring their best to the shoot. They arrived in sharp outfits that made them look like a million bucks. I was half expecting someone to spontaneously roll out a red carpet for them!

Lerrin and Patrick were focused and came ready to take some incredible photos together. They were complete naturals! I always look for ways to make each engagement shoot unique to the couple in front of my camera. Lerrin and Patrick made this easy for me, they simply knew how to let their personalities show in each shot.

We picked Hotel Emma and the Historic Pearl in San Antonio as the locations for their engagement shoot, which suited their outfits perfectly. Hotel Emma is a stunning 5-star hotel in the middle of the Pearl District, which provided a classy and historic backdrop to Lerrin and Patrick's love story. With Lerrin's velvet red dress and Patrick's classy suit, they looked like movie stars. We spent some time exploring a lot of different areas in and around these buildings and got kicked out of some areas, too. It was absolutely worth it, sometimes it's just easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. 😉

I'm very excited to see these two again in January for their wedding!

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  1. love these!! did they have to pay a fee to take pictures at hotel emma? or did they just let you take photos freely & not a hastle.

    1. we did not pay extra but definitely ran the risk of getting kicked off property! The policy might’ve changed as this was a while ago.


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