Austin Wedding Venue – One Eleven East

Consider One Eleven East as the Venue for Your Austin Wedding

There are many unique and intriguing choices as far as possible wedding venues in Austin, TX, with so many historical sites, restaurants, and banquet halls competing for your business. Some stand out from the others, though, in terms of sheer opulence, beauty, and the attention that’s paid to detail. One Eleven East is one of those superior venues, and for Austin couples who plan on marrying soon, it’s well worth your while to look it over. 

Why Consider One Eleven East as Your Austin Wedding Venue?

One Eleven East enjoys a place of honor in the National Register of Historic Places. The building was built in 1893, and many of the original architectural details have been lovingly preserved. The main open area can accommodate large wedding parties, so more expansive guest lists aren’t a problem. There’s also a built-in bar where your family and friends can sample a classic cocktail before dinner. There’s an outdoor courtyard if the weather is nice, and a loft and Skylight Room if it’s not cooperating. Located just twenty minutes northeast of Austin, it’s easily accessible yet out of the hustle-and-bustle of the city proper.

The Building is the Star

When you rent One Eleven East be prepared for your guests to spend the evening exclaiming over the event space. The all-white interior is full of texture and an abundance of natural light. The walls are exposed brick, and the expansive front windows call to mind the sweeping romance and epic grandeur of a European mansion. There’s a 15-foot high beadboard ceiling and black statement doors with all-brass hardware. It’s industrial but not the least bit cold or impersonal. Many choose to exchange their vows in the Skylight Room, where the natural light in the late afternoon is angelic in its radiance. 

Afterward, the Skylight Room can easily be transitioned into an entertainment space and dance hall while dinner is being eaten in the main open area. The courtyard space adjacent through the glass doors is ideal for family introductions, laughter, and an exchange of stories. It’s no coincidence that this reclaimed space seems to have a perfect spot for each phase of a traditional wedding; it was designed that way. 

Use Nikk Nguyen for Your Wedding Pictures

A space like One Eleven East is pure Austin, TX, and it just cries out to be photographed. With the exotic design elements, there are sure to be many can’t-miss picture-taking opportunities with you and your guests. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to compile a wedding album of magnificent shots taken during your special afternoon and evening. 

Nikk Nguyen Photo can capture those moments for all time, and you can peruse our extensive portfolio to see what we mean. Austin is a city with a rich cultural heritage and many historic sites, and when you choose a venue like One Eleven East, you’re making your wedding the latest in a long line of memorable and joyous events to take place there.  



Hannah O'Donnell

“The first question I came to when I started to plan my wedding was, where? My husband and I are both from Seattle, WA and knew we wanted our ceremony to be close to family back home. I booked our day at One Eleven East completely based off of photos I saw on their website, and realizing after days of research that no other venue in the Austin area quite nailed the intimate, classic, thoughtfully-designed space that they are so well loved for. When I saw the venue for the first time the night before our wedding, I was stunned by how charming the space is in real life. The white brick walls and light in the space have a very majestic feel to them. This venue was the perfect space to celebrate our covenant with friends and family. Their staff is very friendly and ready to help with the millions of questions that come your way!”

Autumn Schroeder

“I don’t even know where to begin to describe how wonderful One Eleven East is! It instantly stole my heart from the photos online with it’s white brick walls and elegant architectural details. But wait until you see it in person – the charm of the place is captivating. It was the one and only venue we considered! The space was a blank canvas to create our own vision and make it reflect us as a couple. Not only is the space amazing but the staff, especially Ashley are the greatest!! Throughout the entire process she made it easy, always answering every question and so accommodating! The place and the people are a true gem and I wish I could get married all over again just to stay at One Eleven a little longer!”Autumn Schroeder