All beautiful, because they’re raw and honest. So if you hire a wedding photographer who only takes pretty portraits and works off of shot lists, you’re missing out on that beauty. You won’t see your whole love story in your wedding gallery.

Us — We're only interested in telling real, whole love stories. Especially if those stories are full of raw emotions, true connections, and good people. You too?

Documentary Photography for Austin Weddings

Here’s the thing about love: real love — true love — it's messy. There are tears and laughter and fighting and joking, all done in the name of love.

You Should Hire Us

Because we're storytellers. And your love story is too important to mess around with. It should be captured with true artistry, show off your authentic personalities, and document every aspect of your wedding day.

We’ll get posed photos, sure, but the best images always happen in the in-between moments when everyone forgets we're watching.

What we're about

Yo! I’m Nikk.

Don’t let my sleeve of tattoos or all-black wardrobe fool ya — I’m a big softie on the inside. I live for the heart-fluttering moments, stolen glances, and big emotions on display at weddings. That’s the secret to rad wedding photos, after all: vulnerability.

Sound like your vibe? Dope.

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Nikkolas

Wedding Photographer in Austin, Texas.

Father of three dogs.

Lover of the imperfect.

Documenting moments.

Telling stories.

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I legit have to pinch myself every day when I head to work. I get to create art with people this baller?! It’s wild, man. And you could be next.

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After a short read about these wedding venues Nikk Nguyen Photo has chosen to feature, you’ll quickly realize why it’s on this comprehensive list of top wedding venues in Austin, Texas.

Top wedding venues in Austin, Texas recommended by Austin Wedding Photographer Nikk Nguyen Photo. “I’ve shot at each one of these venues at least once and every time I leave I have a bigger heart than when I arrived. Seeing how the much fun the couples’ loved ones can have solely based on a great environment is truly amazing and greatly adds to the wedding experience.”

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