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What sets you apart from other photographers?

- This isn't just my full-time job, this is my passion. I don't want to just make money, I want to create images that stir emotion, create thought, and develop inspiration.

What camera do you use?

- I use the Canon 5DS and Canon 6D with a full set of L-Series Canon lenses! If you would like more in depth information about my gear please check out my kit page("Gear I Use" tab).

How do you describe your style?

- Photojournalistic. I like to capture moments as they happen, not posed throughout. This enables the photos captured to portray something magnificent you wouldn't otherwise feel. Of course I will give direction as needed and adapt to what you are best at doing.

How will you deliver the photos?

- Once your images have been edited, they will be uploaded to a password protected gallery for 1 Month. You will be able to download, order prints and share your images from this site. For an additional fee, I can send you a USB drive with all of the edited images in high resolution.

Do you release negatives or the photos that you do not send us?

- I believe that clients should receive a finished image, kind of like a succulent cooked ribeye steak paired with grilled vegetables compared to raw meat with frozen green beans! In addition, by not releasing the negatives I am able to protect my brand, the artwork that I produce, and what I hold to be a ready image.

How much do you cost?

-My price list is under the "Photographer" tab where you can get to know me more as well. Please contact if you have any questions!

How early in advance should we book you?

- I would say at least 4-6 months if it were a wedding and 1-2 months for a portrait session.

What is required to book my date?

- I require 50% down along with your signed contract to book the date. The final 50% is due 1 week prior to the date of the session/wedding.

Do you do destination weddings?

- Yes, I would love to come along and document the adventure!

How are your rates locally?

- If you are in the Austin or surrounding areas my charge is a flat rate(includes travel and sales tax).

Are you available for an in-person consultation?

- Absolutely, I actually recommend it. Please fill out the Contact form and we will schedule something that works for the both of us.

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