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It’s relatively easy to set up a photography business. You just need good equipment, great skill, and some money to create a website or some form of online portfolio. You might even get easy access to clients in your circle of friends and family. Most photographers start out by shooting weddings, birthdays, portraits, etc, of people in their circle. Eventually, you will have to branch out, especially if you intend to establish yourself as a serious photographer. Here are some tips on how to market your photography business:

Understand How Marketing Works

Most photographers have little to no background in marketing. Their skill lies in their art and not in how to sell it; this is one of the biggest hindrances to successful marketing. You can’t just pick the best pictures from your portfolio, add them to your Facebook or Google ads and expect to gain traction. A good marketing strategy includes three things:

• The Medium – The medium decides how you communicate with your target audience and what platform you use to display your message.

• The Market – This defines who your target audiences are. You need to market to the right audience to gain recognition and become successful.

• The Message – The message should convey who you are and what you’re trying to say through your art. This will resonate with your target audience and draw them to your brand.

Create Marketing Campaigns with a Shelf Life

Your campaigns shouldn’t be permanent. Interests and perceptions change over time; so if you want to catch attention and ensure your target audiences are interested, you need to refresh your campaigns. You will need different campaigns for different purposes, for limited periods of time. For example, your springtime campaign shouldn’t be similar to your winter time campaign. A mobile and dynamic marketing strategy will help you stay relevant and catch the attention of your target audience.

Consider the Objective

You need to consider the objective of your marketing campaigns carefully when you create them. Ideally, your marketing strategy should include all of the three objectives mentioned below. This will allow you to approach your prospective customers in a multi pronged fashion.

• Brand Awareness – As the name suggests, the objective of these marketing campaigns is to spread awareness of your brand. These campaigns should showcase your skill in different kinds and genres of photography. This marketing strategy aims for a long-term impact rather than a short-term sale.

• Relationships – Campaigns that help build relationships provide both short term and long term gains. In the short term, they compel people to investigate your brand and portfolio. In the long term, they encourage prospective customers to keep coming back to you whenever they need a photographer.

• Direct Action – Direct action campaigns focus on short term gains and compel people to click on the link, visit your website, call the number, or book a service.

If you ignore these aspects of marketing, you won’t attract the right audience. The goal is to get long-term clients and establish a firm reputation in your industry. That will only happen if you use the right marketing strategy.

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